curried comforts

Picture 2326

Picture 2327

Picture 2328
1. mulligatawny soup @ gateway to india, 2. fishes of chao,
3. mussaman curry @ chao praya

I didn’t realize how desperately I needed this vacation until it was half gone. And then I was grateful, so grateful for such a magical, wonderful week surrounded by family and friends in such a beautiful place. I know, I’m still gushing about it now, even as I sit here writing this, in my office, just back from court, sipping a latte, fidgeting in my suit. The gratitude is still oozing out of me and I cling to it as long as I can.

I pretty much only did three things on my vacation: 1) sleep (LOTS), 2) eat, 3) soak in the beautiful Pacific Northwest landscapes as much as possible. Oh, and I forgot another thing: LAUGH. A lot. My family has generally been a very serious lot but as we’ve all aged (gracefully, I hope) into our selves, we’ve gotten so much better at laughing and having a sense of humor about things. It’s been a really nice change to see.

I took a lot of photos on this trip. I’m glad I did because it’s allowed me to revisit and savor my favorite moments, although I have to laugh at myself because most of the pictures are of things that I ate. (Case in point, the photos above.) So there. You’ve been warned. Expect to see lots of food photos here until I go through all my vacation photos.


2 responses to “curried comforts

  1. Soup is so comforting.

  2. sounds like it was a very good & much needed vacay. you’ll have to tell me more over pork & beer! LOL

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