beware the dragon

tiny paper robots

tiny paper robots

utopia1. beware the dragon, 2. tiny paper robots, 3. more tiny paper robots, 4. utopia

Despite my Korean heritage, I’m an unabashed Japanophile, so no trip to Seattle is complete with a stop at Uwajimaya and Kinokuniya.  Usually I stop in for a quick lunch at the food court and then spend an hour (or several) at Kinokuniya browsing Japanese craft books and magazines.  This time I skipped lunch in favor of some frozen yogurt (made from strained Greek yogurt) with crushed oreos.  (Which was a good thing because that left room for my mid-afternoon snacks at Salumi and Le Panier.  More on both later.)  As my collection of Japanese craft books has grown, I’ve gotten *much* better at restraining myself from purchasing everything at Kinokuniya.  Still, it’s hard (ahem, impossible) to walk away empty handed, so I did buy this book and one of my favorite Japanese pens.  I cannot wait until I have some time (hopefully soon) to make some projects from this book.  Happy Friday!


2 responses to “japanophile

  1. Oh, it would have been nice to meet you! We should work on a trade of the green wallflower.

  2. The paper robots are super cool!

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