my pet brick

YIP 365.110: patiently waiting

YIP 365.111 kthxbai!

Pattern: Mochi Mochi Land’s Pile-able Pups
Needles: No. 6 Brittany Birch DPNs + J crochet hook
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted, Malabrigo Worsted

The only crafting getting done around here these days are a few brief spurts of knitting here and there on the couch. I’m behind on my quilt bee quilt blocks (sorry John!) but I’m suffering from a *huge* sewer’s block right now. Right now I can’t handle the thought of cutting, pressing, or sewing. I realized this is due in large part to the fact that my sewing “area” (I use the term loosely as it’s basically threatening to take over my bedroom and my living room) is horribly disorganized and I have a hefty pile of incomplete and half complete projects. The goal this weekend is to clean, organize, throw out, and inventory. (Saying this aloud here is a form of accountability.) I’m hoping that the cooler temps and a long weekend will motivate me.


2 responses to “my pet brick

  1. It’s so cute! That one is on my never ending queue.

  2. No worries! Take your time — I know your mojo will be back soon. Oh, and don’t be upset if your little brick doggy jumps in the envelope with my quilt block and wants to come live in my house!! ; )

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