all rolled into one

nearing the end of the season

picnic spread

shoes off

YIP 365.113: good night moon

Last night, I had the loveliest evening:
++enjoying this perfect weather we’ve been having;
++listening to Benny Goodman in the park;
++eating delicious foods;
++hanging out with friends;
++laying down on a handmade quilt, barefoot, gazing at the full moon;
++realizing that maybe Chicago and I will get along after all.

I am very much looking forward to:
++the long weekend;
++cleaning and organizing;
++making some quilt blocks;
++starting new knitting projects;
++sleeping in;
++hanging out with a dear old friend who just moved back to Chicago;
++my brother coming out to visit in November;
++my birthday dinner reservation at Alinea, even though it is still a few months away.

Happy Friday friends!


3 responses to “all rolled into one

  1. i can’t wait to hear what you think about Alinea! I went a couple of years ago and had an incredible experience. i just wish i’d been able to take better pictures. are you doing the grand tour or the regular tasting?

  2. Happy Friday to you, too. My sister is coming to visit today from Boston and I am super excited.

  3. Happy Friday to you too!! Nice pictures!! Enjoy your long weekend. Hugs!!

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