incremental changes

YIP 365.114: expensive/inexpensive

YIP 365.115: hooked

Some scenes from the weekend: a much cherished fabric from the stash that I finally cut into, stretched over an Ikea Tyglosa wooden frame, to cover up a depressing patch of white wall in my kitchen; a new project that I’m kinda obsessed with.

This weekend *flew* by and was over-packed with errands, cleaning, organizing, re-organizing, and occasional bits of crafting. (I’m finally all caught up on my quilt bee blocks. Yay!) I’m exhausted as a result but feel much better about my space because I have a much better sense of where things are and what I have. It’s important for me to occasionally inventory and take stock of what I have and where I’m at. Speaking of which, looking at the calendar this week I freaked out and realized that I’m approaching my 1 year mark here in Chicago. When did that happen!?

Hope y’all had a nice weekend!


One response to “incremental changes

  1. Such a nice view while doing dishes! 1 yr?! Already?

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