the open road

orange roll.2

another view from glacier

orange roll.1

orange roll.3
1. somewhere in nevada, 2. glacier national park, 3. grand canyon, 4. lake tahoe

More film love. One of my rolls came back from the developer with a hazy orange cast. I suspect the film had expired at some point. This orange roll has been my favorite of the three–all the photos have this “taken on a 70s family vacation vibe” to them. Love it! Totally makes me want to track down some more expired film now. These images also bring by a lot of good, good memories. They were all taken during a three-part cross-country road-trip the summer before I started law school. I think I drove almost 7,500 miles that summer between three different vehicles (a moving truck, my trust subaru, and a friend’s camry). Just the thing to have done before relinquishing all fun and freedom to three more years of schooling, eh?


5 responses to “the open road

  1. Such a different feel from digital photos! Very interesting.

  2. i love these photographs. especially the one of nevada and lake tahoe. makes me home sick! i just moved to the midwest from the silver state.

  3. wow these are such amazing photographs!
    i really love the light and the colours are so beautiful. awesome!

  4. These are terrific. I’m loving your blog – I found you through abby trys again. Glad I did!

  5. yes! such great vintage tones… they all look very hazy-memory. so atmospheric.

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