that fateful day

home of the brave
another shot from that black and white roll

today, i:
+saw the calendar and realized it’s been years since 9/11 (and as I type I looked at my office phone just as it said “Sep 11 9:11”). wow.
+am listening to Brian’s new mix. seriously, go check it out. it’s rockin’.
+smelling the change of the seasons. fall is coming and i feel ready to embrace it.
+looking forward to tasting a batch of bread and butter pickles i made the other day. i hope this makes up for last night’s kitchen disaster.
+will feel my afghan growing before my very eyes. i started the second repeat of colors. the rounds are slow going now but i feel like i could be done before winter hits.

happy friday friends.


2 responses to “that fateful day

  1. sorry about those cookies, the bread and butter pickles look great though.

  2. You know what happened?!
    I came to your blog through your link at Abby’s. it was linked to one of your old posts(birthday post) and I didn’t notice the date.

    so sorry!

    have a nice day.

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