twists and turns

twists and turns
down a winding road in Moab, UT

This weekend, I:
+made some progress on the afghan;
+tried a new place for brunch;
+bought some lovely handmade soaps;
+made chicken mole enchiladas and about a gallon of homemade chicken stock;
+cut out the pieces for this dress (if it’s not that busy this week, I’m hoping to work on it in the evenings);
+bought some supplies for this bag;
+caught up with one of my best friends (she lives in LA and we don’t get to chat often);
+met some new people and had a grand old time hanging out with them;
+looked unsuccessfully for some rolls of expired film (the search continues).

No wonder I’m tired.

Today, I’m:
+hoping for no major surprises;
+in bad need of coffee;
+thinking of all the twists and turns that lie ahead;
+finding that Mondays are easier to stomach when you have something to look forward to;
+looking forward to sushi for dinner (especially because I forgot my lunch at home) and craft night with a co-worker.

Happy Monday friends!


4 responses to “twists and turns

  1. Oh! I know that road well – leaving Arches?? Beautiful. Hope the twists and turns ahead reveal beautiful surprises!

  2. Liza, yes, good eye. This is in Arches National Park.

  3. You’ve been so busy and a trip to Moab. Friends and I use to do Green River trips all the time!

    I’m coming back to look at all the stuff in those mosaics when I have time and want a twix cookie, I was just debating a brownie bit for lunch.

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