year one

orange roll.5++reflecting on my first year in chicago. (can you believe it’s already been a year??)
++enjoying the transition into fall. the first tree on my block has just started to turn colors. i’m already collecting fall-friendly recipes like this one.
++finding that on wednesdays the weekend seems the furthest away.
++looking forward to lots of outdoor activities this weekend. i’ve been so hideously lethargic lately but i’m forcing myself outdoors as much as possible before winter hits. winter will certainly be here before i know it and as it is, i’ve not spent nearly enough time outdoors.
++excited about the two rolls of film (fujicolor superia x-tra 400 and kodak portra 400 vc) i picked up yesterday and hoping to break out the film camera this weekend.


3 responses to “year one

  1. ++your bryan ferry-style posting is cracking me up.
    ++have fun with the film

  2. ++not nearly as funny as your bryan ferry-style comment 🙂
    ++although, if we’re going to give credit where credit is due, i think i was actually copying sally shim more than bryan ferry

  3. Congratulations on your one-year mark! I have really been loving your blog & the style of your entries. That bread recipe looks delicious… I haven’t baked bread in so so long… maybe this weekend I’ll fire up my oven :o)

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