year 1 in review: stuff made

a year in projects: the "yay! i'm not so lazy after all" edition
1. YIP 365.114: expensive/inexpensive, 2. YIP 365.111 kthxbai!, 3. YIP 365.83: barcelona, 4. camera strap cover, 5. YIP 365.74: all boxed up, 6. YIP 365.59: mental health day, 7. YIP 365.58: ruched, 8. jane market bag, 9. YIP 365.52: working for the weekend, 10. HBM: Mondays are for the birds edition, 11. simplicity 3949, 12. YIP 365.41: it feels so good, 13. YIP 365.37: summer preparations, 14. YIP 365.35: stringy!, 15. YIP 365.8: let’s try this again shall we?, 16. YIP 365.3: girl reaction edition, 17. quilt front, 18. beaut all dressed up and ready to go, 19. "It’s about time lazy lady.", 20. sewing caddy (yes, finally some sewing!), 21. noro mistake rib scarf, 22. mini moopy (at the office), 23. watermelon tree skirt, 24. fresh picked pear pincushion, 25. log cabin pillow, 26. lovely lined curtain (back door/kitchen), 27. toast mitts, 28. ikea makeover

i’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this space. whether to keep it around? whether i need it? i’ve been blogging a good long while now but lately my time on the internets is spent away from space…on flickr or soaking in inspiration from other blogs. i think the primary reason i keep this space out there is because i like to look back over a chunk of time to see what i did, what i recorded, what i thought was meaningful during some period. i’m a total sucker for progress reports so lately i’ve been trying to account for how i spent my time here in chicago.

part 1, stuff i made. i counted 28 projects (both large and small) that i’ve finished since arriving here….so roughly one finished object every two weeks. probably more than that when you account for the fact that 8 weeks of the past year were completely eaten up by studying for the bar exam. another 3 weeks by a trial in federal court. various weekends lost to trips out of town to visit friends, family, attend weddings, etc. and never mind the fact that i probably have twice as many unfinished objects laying around my apartment.

so i guess, all in all, a fairly productive year on the craft front.

coming up next, a culinary year in review…


4 responses to “year 1 in review: stuff made

  1. This is amazing Sara!

  2. I’ve been reading your blog since the tree skirt (I think). Inspiring!

  3. You made a lot of awesome stuff! I never saw that beautiful shawl! Did you blog about it?

    And, of course, we LOVE the koala bear!

  4. i’m glad to know i’m not the only one wondering about what to do with these spaces. i don’t know if i’ll ever figure it out exactly– my blog is not perfect, but i’d miss it if it was gone, you know? i feel like i need to just keep playing with it till it feels satisfying. and i totally relate to the desire to document and remember what you were doing in a particular space + time.
    also, your projects are a-ma-zing. i’m glad to know that crafting still happens when you are a real lawyer 🙂

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