reclaiming weekend

YIP 365.133: catching up


YIP 365.134: more adventures in crazy

this weekend, i:

  • relished the fact that i had a weekend off (weekends always feel like such a god-send but even more so when you lose a few to work;
  • caught up on lots of errands and things around the house;
  • baked a loaf of raisin oat cinnamon bread (recipe from NY Times Cookbook, not quite the rise or crumb i might have wanted but the cinnamon sugar dusting on the exterior really made it special);
  • made my own ricotta using this recipe (no question, a million times better than the stuff you buy at the store. if i’d known how dead simple it was to make i would’ve started making it years ago);
  • used ricotta for some homemade spinach ravioli (i think this is my first attempt at handmade, hand-rolled pastas…the results weren’t that great…i think i need to invest in a pasta machine.  i can’t roll it out thin enough by hand.);
  • attended a benefit dinner for this great organization;
  • despite my best intentions, i got no sewing done this weekend (i just couldn’t summon up the energy or the courage, even though i have a couple easy projects i can work on right now).

hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend.


6 responses to “reclaiming weekend

  1. why don’t you just buy the pasta roller attachment for your kitchenaid?

  2. That’s a good suggesting about the pasta roller attachment. I got one for my friend and she loved it.

    I love all the lovely food photos. Yummo!

  3. Sara, how do you do it all? And indeed, that benefit dinner was for a great cause.

  4. i *LOVE* IJM!!!
    and who knew ricotta was so easy to make??? hmmm, may have to investigate further! came across a mac & cheese-like recipe that calls for ricotta…hmmmmmm… =)

  5. it was a kinda busy wknd for me that i almost missed u this past one. hehehe

  6. you can even borrow mine that i’ve never opened to test it out first. 😉

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