film friday

YIP 365.138: the minister

orange roll.8

orange roll.9
1. the minister, 2. tahoe, 3. south rim

i got a “new” camera this week–a yashica minister-d. i have no idea whether it works but it’s just fun to look at. it’s weighs a ton, especially compared to my canon and even my other yashica. i can’t wait to try it out.

this weekend, i:
++want to sew some pajama pants (i’ve been saying this for weeks, but this time i mean it);
++plan on watching this movie (i finally broke down this month, bought a dvd player, and re-instituted my netflix membership);
++have to buy more yarn for the never-ending afghan (i could probably stop where i’m at now but i want it to be large enough to cover me completely);
++will be making those homemade oreos i’ve been constantly thinking about;
++will try to get outside and snap some pictures.

Happy Friday! Happy weekend!


2 responses to “film friday

  1. omfg you have to buy more yarn for that afghan?!?!! damn! It’s not something I might have a skein of laying around, is it? Let me know if I can be of assistance here.

  2. i’m looking for a minister d, where’d you find yours? (i keep missing out on the ebay ones…)

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