weekend in craft

work has been pretty busy lately so the week has been FLYING by. i can’t believe we’re already approaching another weekend! i’m still thinking about what i did last weekend. like:

this pillow, to match the other pillow on my couch. the center block is a paper pieced color wheel geese (excellent tutorial and block here) using some cherished bits of my favorite fabrics. (i used the fabric leftover from this skirt for the back.)

yarn monster
some progress on the mega-granny-square afghan. i’m in the homestretch now, finishing the last color repeat. i’m hoping to be done by the end of the week.

YIP 365.142: no monkeying around here
these pajamas. the pattern is from heather ross’ weekend sewing. i did a drawstring waist instead of the elastic called for in the pattern. took some extra time to figure that out but i love the way they turned out. i see more of these in my future. one can’t have too many PJs as far as i’m concerned.

it was so nice to have such a productive weekend after weeks away from the sewing machine. i’m looking ahead to the coming weekend thinking about what i can squeeze in then.


7 responses to “weekend in craft

  1. Totally love the pillow case! It is beautiful.


  2. you kick my *ss, girlfriend. have no idea how you do it all!! rock on!

  3. Love them! It’s taken me a month to get 40% through a set of curtains, so thanks for the inspiration to get moving. PJ pants like that make me get ready for bed as soon as I walk in the door.

  4. The pillow is gorgeous! The blanket and the pj’s are great!

    My husband and I feel like the week just zips by these days, especially after having Melody. Today is one of those super long days for me because Melody has play group along with her usual romp at the local playground. I got up at 7:30am just to prep everything. We were home only 1 hour for the whole day (for lunch). Now, thankfully, it’s her nap time, so I can catch my breath.

  5. The pillows are gorgeous! And home-made Twix?? That’s my fav too! Yum 😉

  6. i LOVE the pillow!! love love love. the colors are fantastic and that pattern is so great! really love the way you’ve quilted the border, too.

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