coming up for air

YIP 365.74: all boxed up

YIP 365.143: payoff

a cheery elephant box bag and a slice nutella pound cake and coffee for you on this rainy, grey day.

the box bag is an old project that (as far as i can tell in my sleep-deprived state) i forgot to post about when i made it in july. it houses my spare camera lens, caps, and chords. i used this tutorial with these modifications. it’s tedious but i hand-sewed in the lining so that there were no exposed seams. karen, i hope these links help.

i made the nutella pound cake with this recipe. i confess that i’m not crazy about it. the finished cake was a bit leaden and flat tasting, despite the wonderful richness of the nutella. i like the concept though and i think i will try it with a different pound cake recipe as the base. i’ll post the recipe here if i’m successful.

i’ve been absolute buried under a crushing amount of work so it may be a while before i have much to share. but, i’m excited about some friends who will be in town this weekend. (my first guests in chicago, besides my family who visited back in february.) hopefully i will get a chance to test out my “new” camera, laugh, and eat lots of good food. all things i’ve been sorely missing since this explosion of work. it will be an especially welcome treat since i worked straight through last weekend.


4 responses to “coming up for air

  1. The box bag is awesome! Too bad about the pound cake. Btw, a friend picked up one of those Domo Kun coffee cups for me. Yipey!

  2. i truly adore that elephant bag!

  3. pricklypearbloom

    I do love that elephant fabric. I have it in yellow. And I’ve been thinking about making myself a bag for extra camera stuffs.

  4. Oh my, I love your camera parts bag! I have a boring ol’ black nylon thing. Ugh.

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