finally. friday!

in transition

Hello friends. Anyone else happy that it’s Friday? Because I sure as hell am. I’m ready to kick this week, this month, and (hopefully) this cold to the curb. Since I’m still feeling a bit under the weather, I’m hoping to take it easy this weekend, but I still have a few fun things planned. This weekend, I want to:

  • bake something seasonal (debating between these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and these saffron pumpkin macarons)
  • catch up on my quilting bee blocks and start cutting and packaging fabric for my blocks (November is my month for blocks and I will be digging through my stash this weekend to match up some fabrics to go with the Heather Ross Mendocino fabrics I’ve already set aside.)
  • watch Where the Wild Things Are with an old friend
  • make a pot of soup to go with the mushroom flatbread I baked earlier in the week (and it will give me a chance to test out my new 12 quart stockpot!)
  • listen to this mix

Halloween’s never been a big holiday for me but Happy Halloween to those who will be celebrating.  See you back here next week!


One response to “finally. friday!

  1. Enjoy the weekend!

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