11.6: grand central

image from Grand Central Bakery

Although I’ve gotten much better about limiting myself, I have a cookbook problem. I get excited about a style of cooking, a chef, a particular restaurant, etc. I buy a related book. Said book sits on the shelf, takes up a lot of space, is a bitch to move, and collects a lot of dust. I probably have a couple dozen cookbooks (many now sitting in storage in my parents’ basement) but only three get pulled off the shelf regularly. Those books are tattered, torn, and show evidence of many a kitchen spill or mishap. I’m happy to say that this book, The Grand Central Baking Book, will be joining the ranks of regularly used. It’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited about a cookbook as this one.

The book has a fantastic mix of recipes for sweet and savory baked goodies. I’m not sure which one to tackle first. I’m itching to try a recipe requiring yeast (perhaps the amazing cinnamon rolls?) since I picked up a few blocks of fresh yeast from the store last weekend. The only thing holding me back is the fact that many of their yeast recipes require making a starter, something that a) adds more time to the recipe, b) requires some advance planning, and c) I’ve never done before. I’m trying to set aside some time tomorrow to make something from this book. I will, of course, report the results back here soon.

Happy Friday friends!


3 responses to “11.6: grand central

  1. Oh I do not need another cookbook, but this sounds interesting. I will wait for your recipe reviews and see what you make.

  2. I switched my blog, it’s Katie of Willy-Nilly. Is this the Grand Central of Seattle? I use to have a cookbook problem until I moved into 640 sq feet. Now I have one shelf and if I get something, another has to go.

    Must have:
    Sharing the Table: Garland’s Lodge

    • hi katie! yes, i saw that you switched your blog and i’ve updated my bloglines. yes, this is the cookbook from grand central in seattle. i’ve actually never been there but keep hearing about the bakery and this book. i will have to check the sharing the table book. thanks for the rec!

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