11.12: shake shake

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shake shake

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Birthday Meal #4: Burt’s Place, 8541 Ferris Ave., Morton Grove, IL

My brother Tim arrived today and we kicked off his first visit to the Windy City properly with some deep dish pizza. And not just any deep dish, but the kinda that gets written up in food magazines, requires an appointment (we called at 10:35 am and got seated at noon), and a 30 minute drive north of the city. (Some background info on the joint here.) But it delivered in spades. My brother LOVED it and even I (shhh…don’t tell anyone, but not a huge fan of deep dish) was bowled over. This stuff was delicious, dare I say, sublime. Sharon, who was a little bit curt on the phone, was nothing but gracious when we arrived (both of us having followed all the “rules”). She insisted that my brother (who told her he’d just arrived from Seattle) sign the restaurant’s registry and she even signed a copy of the menu for him to take back as a souvenir. Now how could you not love a place like that?


6 responses to “11.12: shake shake

  1. hmmm…so, sara…what are you doing for thanksgiving??? 😉 looks & sounds awesome! hope the good times and meals continue. can’t wait for the next gluttonous update!

    • i’d tell you to come up here for thanksgiving (since i have *nothing* planned) but I think a lot of the places you’d want to check out are closed that weekend. that said, next time you’re here you MUST check out burt’s. it kicks giordano’s ass!

      tim and i are about to head out to hot doug’s for some foie gras hot dogs and duck fat fries. full report to follow shortly. 🙂

  2. hmmm…really? (nothing planned for TG) i’m still kicking around the idea of having TG dinner @ the house…wanna come down? 🙂

    although if these places were open that weekend, i would be more than happy to ditch my in-laws!!! …does that make me a bad person??? =P

  3. foie gras hot dogs…FOIE GRAS HOT DOGS!!!
    i’m about to cry! L-rd, i want to live in chicago!!!!!!!!

  4. That does look good! And I prefer thin crust.

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