11.17: L2o (part 3)

Ok, now on to the food at L2o.

amous bouche #1
amous bouche #1: lobster + beet

amous bouche #2
amous bouche #2: green olive + cheeks of halibut + tomato confit (or at least that’s as best as I can remember)

an addition
1. mother of pearl spoon and place setting
2. miyazaki wagyu beef tartare with caviar, wasabi, and shiso flowers

This was not part of the 12 course tasting menu but my brother really wanted to try it so we got it as a supplement. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about this dish, which was disappointing because I loved all the components–wagyu beef, shiso, wasabi, caviar. But for some reason, they just didn’t play well together.

course #1
course #1: sea scallops + yuzu + jalapeno + shiso
(You can’t tell in the photo but the jalapeno is cut into the tiniest, most perfect star shape.)

course #2
course #2: a hiramasa (yellowtail amberjack) tartare with a bunch of different elements
(Will have to consult my brother’s notes at some point.)

course #3
course #3: house made soft tofu + itogaki + white miso
(This was one of our favorite dishes of the evening. Subtle, elegant, delicious.)

course #4
course #4: shimaaji (a variety of aji/horsemackerel-Saurel) over matsutake mushrooms sauteed in clarified butter and red wine reduction
(The fish was fabulous but the mushrooms were divine.)

course #5
course #5: peekytoe crab in foie gras emulsion
(My brother and I agreed, the least favorite dish of the evening.)

course #6
course #6: salted cod + fingerling potato emulsion + smoked ribbon
(The yellow dots are drops of olive oil, which my brother thought was a bit too fruity/aggressive but I liked it.)

Ok, crazy as this might seem, that’s the halfway point. I’ll post the remaining photos tomorrow. Then on to Alinea!

One response to “11.17: L2o (part 3)

  1. Holey Moley! They look like little pieces of art!

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