11.18: L2o (part 4)

And wrapping up our food tour of L2o:
course #7
course #7: copper river salmon + yuzu in meyer lemon dust + daikon radish with fig + grits and frisee salad

The salmon was perfectly cooked but otherwise unremarkable. The daikon radish, humble though it may seem, was outstanding. We grilled our server about its preparation and learned that it was carved into cylinders, drilled with holes, steamed, and then seared in clarified butter. The holes were then filled with a fig spread. Phenomenal.

course #8
course #8: pork belly + black truffle + potato

course #9
course #9: shabu shabu hiramasa + konbu bouillon + king oyster mushroom, daikon radish, napa, and shiso

The hiramasa was outstanding. Far and away some of the best raw fish I’ve ever had. We ate the first piece raw, no sauce. The second piece we cooked briefly in the bouillon (just 30 seconds) and then dipped in sauce. Delicious.

course #10
course #10: chocolate surprise: guanaja + praline + almond

This dish looked promising but was a little weird for us both. It was dusted with some sort of soy powder that had a weird aftertaste. Still, I’m not one to refuse chocolate so I managed to get it down somehow. 🙂

course #11
course #11: key lime something
Looks unassuming but it was quite refreshing. Nice palate cleanser.
(Yeah by this course, my memory is really starting to fail me and now I’m more annoyed than ever that they didn’t send us home with a copy of the menu.)

course #12
course #12: raspberry + golden yuzu + mascarpone

The presentation on this one was quite fun! They brought a yuzu gold “bouillon” cube (ha-ha) cube to the table in a carafe, poured in the liquid, and swirled around to help it dissolve. Then they poured it into the dish. The flecks in the liquid and the garnish on the raspberries are bits of gold leaf. We had to eat this one quickly because once the liquid hit the mascarpone sorbet things starting to dissolve rather quickly. But a very pretty, very refreshing dish and good preparation for the surprise that followed.

bonus: souffle: orange + grand marnier

Sorry for the crappy picture but I was REALLY tired and REALLY full by this point. We weren’t even expecting this one but it was DIVINE. Best souffle of my life, no question. Light as air, perfectly rise, and cracked so they could pour a grand marnier cream into the center. It was a volcano of sweet goodness.

Afterwards, they also brought us two mignardises (can you believe that?) which I did not get pictures of. I mean really, after all these pictures, I was kinda done for the night. One was a french pastry (name escapes me at the moment) coated in beeswax. (I’ve had the pastry before but not with the wax. Neither my brother or I cared for it.) The second was a chocolate truffle explosion. Pretty harmless looking but the sensation of it bursting in our mouths was quite the experience. Delicious.

As many gripes as I had about the service with this meal, I have to say the desserts were all fabulous and top notch.

So that’s it on L2o. In a nutshell, a good meal but not great, and we only ended up spending slightly less here than we did at Alinea, which was a much better meal on all fronts. Knowing what I know now, I would maybe consider going back and ordering a la carte. Tim was glad to have tried the tasting just to get a sense of what the kitchen is capable of, but I say save your dining dollars for something else. That said, if I could figure out a way to go there just for bread + butter and desserts, I’d definitely go. Their breads and their desserts are unparalleled.

I know some of you (ahem, Katie) are really excited to hear about my dinner at Alinea but I’ll start that posting on Friday. Tomorrow, a small break from the food-centric posts to show you some crafting and things I’ve been doing besides eating.


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  1. LOL! calling me out on your blog means that you love me, right??? 😉

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