11.29: winner winner chicken dinner

YIP 365.170: winner winner chicken dinner

Picture 2889
tonight, i had my friend anna over for dinner. it was nice to catch up over a large, filling meal. i wish i could have all my flickr friends over for dinner.

we ate jamie oliver’s divine chicken in milk. an odd but insanely delicious way to prepare chicken. this is going to become a regular in my repertoire. (i’m not a huge fan of dark meat so i made this using four split, skin-on, bone-in chicken breasts.) i highly recommend you try it for yourself.


2 responses to “11.29: winner winner chicken dinner

  1. I really need to try it. I have the cookbook with the recipe. That was many years ago and I even saw him make it on his old show. Funny thing is now I keep seeing everyone make it. It is so unusual and that is why I know it’s Jamie’s recipe as soon as someone says chicken in milk.

  2. i wish i could have you over for dinner! one day. (hope you are having a little time off today too, sara!) xo

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