11.30: under the wire

YIP 365.171: under the wire
i will have to wait until a sunnier day or a less hectic morning to take photos of this on but this is just proof that i did actually finish this month. (never mind the fact that i cast on for this over a year and a half ago. thanks vestvember for giving me the motivation to finally finish.)

i’m super excited for a couple of reasons:
(a) this is my first finished knit garment in years;
(b) i’m super happy with the way it turned out;
(c) i think this will get a lot of wear.

i will post mods/thoughts on the pattern later when i my day is a little less chaotic. today is definitely going to be crazypants. happy monday!


5 responses to “11.30: under the wire

  1. It’s absolutely beautiful! You must be so proud.

  2. chica, you are very talented!!!

    now…about that alinea finale… 😀 😉

  3. it’s beautiful!! i love the color and the stitch pattern is so pretty. congratulations on finishing it!

  4. very nice! look forward to modeled photos!

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