fixing a bad attitude (pt.1)

YIP 365.127: soaking it all in
at the Garfield Park Conservatory

hello friends. i’m languishing under a never-ending mountain of rather unpleasant work these days. i’m trying (unsuccessfully) to think happy, happy thoughts and fill myself with as much holiday cheer as possible, but i tell ya what…it’s kinda hard to be upbeat right now. so i thought i’d give myself a project for this month (yeah, like i really need *another* thing to put on a to-do list), which is to set aside a little portion of each day here (or as close to everyday as my currently insane schedule allows) to be thankful about something. i know i have a lot to be grateful for but you know that all gets lost and buried when you spend 12+ hours a day at work feeling massively under-appreciated.

so i’ll start with today.  today i’m grateful that in three weeks i’ll be boarding a plane to seattle to see family, friends, and all the people who keep me most grounded in life.  i cannot wait.


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