water lilies

i’m not a big fan of christmas shopping or the general commercialization of christmas.  (for a variety of reasons my family rarely did christmas gifts when i was growing up, although we do celebrate christmas with lots and lots of church.)  i’ve managed somehow (in spite of my recent insane work schedule) to make half the gifts i’m giving out this year.  still, i have to say there’s a lot of really cool stuff out there and if money were no object, i’d be out buying cool stuff (for myself or for others) like:

more cool gift guides here, here, and here.


2 responses to “wanting

  1. don’t get uggs, get celtic sheepskin. i have 2 pr, they are very, very warm.


  2. dude, i use to think the same. but i must say, my faux Uggs have been keeping me super toasty warm. at that point i don’t friggin’ care what they look like on me. i’d love to get a longer pair now. hehe

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