2009 YIP (Part 1)

when life is not fair, just remember...



"It's about time lazy lady."


oh fransson finished quilt top

YIP 365.4: a momentous occasion

YIP 365.32: unfurled

YIP 365.34: inexplicable


YIP 365.70: new beginnings

water tower

1. when life is not fair, just remember…, 2. glow, 3. habitat, 4. “It’s about time lazy lady.”, 5. OMG, SHUT UP!, 6. oh fransson finished quilt top, 7. YIP 365.4: a momentous occasion, 8. YIP 365.32: unfurled, 9. YIP 365.34: inexplicable, 10. End Game: ORANGE WINS! ORANGE WINS!, 11. YIP 365.70: new beginnings, 12. water tower

So these are some memorable/favorite pictures and moments from the first half of 2009. 2009 was an interesting year of transition, with its fair share of ups and downs. It was a definite improvement on 2008 and worlds away from 2007, which probably qualifies as my worst year of life so far (knock on wood). So I’m feeling like 2010 should be a good year. I feel like I’m due for a good year about now. Is that crazy?

Anyway, the first half of 2009 in a nutshell?

  • I survived my first Chicago winter (barely).
  • I disappeared into a black hole studying for the February Illinois bar exam.  (It seem so unfair that I should have to endure this harrowing experience in two different states in two years.)
  • I did manage to escape for one night, however, to have a fabulous dinner with one of my best friends who was in Chicago for work.
  • After the bar exam, I returned to the land of the living and the crafting in earnest.
  • I found out I passed the Illinois bar exam on the first go.  HUGE sigh of relief.  HUGE.
  • I finished a quilt, my third.  I dreamt up several more in my head but couldn’t get them done.  I seem to be on a quilt a year pace right now.  I hope my pace picks up a little in 2010.
  • I was sworn into the Illinois bar in a mass ceremony.  A totally different experience from the Washington bar.  (I did a private ceremony with a local judge, close friends, and immediate family.)  It was neat to have experienced both.
  • I wholeheartedly embraced the return of summer (my first) to Chicago.
  • I was introduced to the world of Catan by Carolyn.  It was so damn fun I even got my own board.
  • I got a new camera.  It kinda changed my life.
  • Headed south for a wedding of a dear old friend.

More soon….


3 responses to “2009 YIP (Part 1)

  1. I hope this year will be even better!

  2. Happy New Year, Sara! Wishing you more happiness, love, and crafting fun in 2010!!

  3. yea!! here’s to a FABULOUS 2010!!

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