2009 YIP (part 2)

urban sprinkler

goonie rock

granola angst

pig roast!

Picture 2445

orange roll.2


mi familia

yarn monster

365.148: golden

365.159: deflated


under construction

course #3

Picture 2937

YIP 365.188: houston, we have a theme

1. urban sprinkler, 2. goonie rock, 3. granola angst, 4. pig roast!, 5. Picture 2445, 6. orange roll.2, 7. pink!, 8. family, 9. yarn monster, 10. 365.148: golden, 11. 365.159: deflated, 12. L2o, 13. under construction, 14. course #3, 15. Picture 2937, 16. YIP 365.188: houston, we have a theme

the second half of 2009 was a bit of a blur, but a lot of great things, including:

  • getting a picture picked up by the Chicagoist.
  • a trip home to see catch up with friends and family and to see my baby sister head off to college.
  • discovering an old cache of film and finding a treasure trove of old photos.
  • learning my way around Chicago (especially loved a trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory and a pig roast at Goose Island Brewery).
  • enjoying the changing of the seasons.
  • learning how to crochet again for the umpteenth time.  (still not good at it but i can make one helluva granny square.)
  • turning the big 3-0!  marking the momentous occasion with a visit from my brother, the greatest meal of my entire life, and a whole lot of fun.
  • another wedding.
  • christmas at home with my family. (and this time everyone made it home!)

looking back not a bad year and i hope a lot of what i’ve done (particularly professionally and mentally) this past year will lay the groundwork for a great 2010.


2 responses to “2009 YIP (part 2)

  1. you never did finish your ‘series’ about alinea, ya know… *hint, hint* 😉

  2. I haven’t been to your blog for entirely too long. Looking back you’ve really had quite the year! Hope 2010 will bring you more of the good and less of the not-so-great 🙂

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