on forgetting

YIP 365.199: scrappy

mad hungry

YIP 365.200: a friend for squarey

lately, i’ve found that after any time away from the office (like the week off i had for the holidays or an even shorter time like a weekend) results in me forgetting entirely that i’m an attorney. it makes for a jarring transition on monday mornings but it also leads me to think that i must be doing something right on the weekends. this weekend, a lot of cooking: a big pot of curry, a big pot of soup and a small batch of cookies (both from my new go-to cookbook), and a batch of the world’s greatest peanut butter. also, playing some catch up in the sewing room: working my way through a mountain of scraps (that will hopefully someday become some beautiful quilts) and some much belated baby gifts to go in the mail soon.

another long week ahead. let’s hope it passes quickly.


4 responses to “on forgetting

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you had a relaxing weekend of cooking and crafting. What is that cute softie pattern? Is it a bear?

  2. What incredibly cozy images, your pretty quilt blocks in progress, the cookies and the adorable handmade creatures on the sofa. Thanks for making the world look so nice!

  3. Love all the pictures. The gifts are awesome. Did you have fun this way? Hope to see you next time!

    Did you still need some AB green wallflower fabric?

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