the bluest skies are in seattle

in case you hadn’t noticed, i’ve added two new pages to the blog for ease of reference (see the new tabs under the header), one for recipes i’ve posted here and one for restaurants that i’ve been to, written about, or photographed.

today, i’m trying very hard to follow the advice of a friend to breath deeply, celebrate the things i did right, and not dwell on the mistakes. good words to live by but hard to put into practice. a long week ahead….


2 responses to “ch-ch-ch-ch-anges

  1. you didn’t post the rugelach recipe…just sayin’. đŸ™‚

    • oh the index is only for recipes that have already been posted on this blog. i haven’t written up a post for the rugelach yet. i’ll have to do that soon and update the index then. i’m guessing there’s at least one person out there interested in the recipe, huh?

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