Hi. Just noticed I’ve been gone a while. The weather has been unseasonably warm this for this time of year (think mid 30s), so I’ve been forcing myself to get out, see more of Chicago, and to generally not be the anti-social hibernator I typically become during the winter months. All this means less time in front of a computer (and the internets) and TV…both good things. I’ve been hanging out with fishes, going to concerts, and eating out as much as the budget allows. In between, I’ve been catching up on old episodes of the West Wing (almost through season 3), ordering boatloads of fabric, and day dreaming about warmer weather. Overall, this winter feels SO MUCH EASIER than last. Perhaps it’s because I’m not working AND studying for the bar exam this year? Perhaps it’s because I’m getting used to Chicago? In any case, I’m grateful.

This weekend, I’ll be working on a lasagna for a dinner party Saturday night. (I think I’ll try this recipe.) I’m hoping to squeeze in a little crafting as well. Happy Friday friends!


2 responses to “absence

  1. PW lasagna is AWESOME!!!!!!! is one of her recipes that i’ve made again and again. B’s family absolutely LOVES it, joi loved it, too. i can already tell you it’s going to be a hit at the dinner party! 😉

  2. Happy Friday, Sara! I plan on getting that book.

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