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YIP 365.244: the itis

YIP 365.256: group therapy
Top: Honky Tonk BBQ
Bottom: Smoque BBQ

Been eating out a lot more these days and finding that this is an excellent way to get to know Chicago. The current obsession is all things BBQ. Chicago is not Memphis or Texas, but in the last month, I’ve found at least two places to satisfy my BBQ hankerings. The first is at Honky Tonk BBQ (1213 W. 18th St.). A ravenous friend and I shared the Sampler Platter and found that it was way more food than two people should attempt to eat. All of the sides (something that’s almost as important to me as the meat itself) were top notch. (We tried the beans, the slaw, and the macaroni and cheese.) I preferred it to the second place we checked out last night, Smoque BBQ (3800 N. Pulaski). Smoque had better brisket but I much preferred the sides at Honky Tonk. Honky Tonk was also a bit more relaxed, a place where I felt ok lingering a bit. Smoque is more of a “sit down, shut up, eat, and leave” sort of place, although my friend and I had a lot to talk about so we were one of the few lingerers. In the future, I might consider Smoque for takeout but I’ll probably return to Honky Tonk for a meal.


5 responses to “the Q

  1. Oh god…I really want some bbq right now. When (if) you make it to NYC, you should try and hit Blue Smoke…

  2. Damn those look good!

  3. now you have to go to that place right off Western, across the street from that movie theater on Western (just south of Diversey). can’t remember the name. Freddie’s. or Fat Willie’s. or something like that.

  4. Man that looks soooo delish, I’m starving…

  5. yup, i’ll vouch for fat willy’s…that place has great smoked meat that goes hand in HAND w the tangy sweet sauce. good point on the side dishes here, and i like a good name like ‘honky tonk’.

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