the winter of mixed drinks

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I know I’ve expressed some ambivalence (and at times, outright bitterness) about being in Chicago, but I tell you over the last six months in spite of some hiccups, this city has really won me over. Yes, I miss Seattle but I also love it here. This is due in no small part to the food/dining scene here. Chicago is a town of serious eaters, without a lot of the pretentiousness and bullshit I’ve encountered in a lot of other large cities. Having a nearly inexhaustible list of restaurants to try can be hard on my wallet, but it’s also forced me to cultivate friendships (because really, what’s more depressing than eating alone?) and to explore parts of the city I wouldn’t otherwise venture to.

An old friend from law school and I were talking a while back about a possible visit to Tru. Months passed and the suggestion was nearly forgotten until I’d heard that he was going to soon leave Minnesota for a new job in New York. A late dinner reservation was quickly acquired. I warned him I would bring my camera; he said he wouldn’t mind.

people watching


entering sideways

Our dinner reservation wasn’t until 9:30 on Saturday so we started off with a drink in the lounge. I got a lovely but deceptively strong sake martini (rihaku nigori sake, hendricks gin, cucumber). We moved into the main dining area for our dinner, a modern, sparsely decorated but pleasant space. Service was unobtrusive and straightforward. (Without a doubt, much better than the service at L2o.)

I picked the wrong lens (the fiddy) to bring to dinner and in general was unhappy with most of my photos (especially the ones of the food) from the night. Lately, I’ve found that my favorite photos (be they ones that I took or ones taken by others) are the ones that evoke a memory or capture the spirit of a place. I’m trying to do more of that sort of picture taking (and hopefully get better at it). Poor lens choice aside, I’m not surprised that most of the food photos from that night don’t excite me. The food was for eating. The picture taking about was about everything else. The food will have to be the subject of a separate post but for now I’m just happy to look over these photos because this is how I’ll remember that night.


4 responses to “the winter of mixed drinks

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  2. sounds like a great night. were the desserts good? that’s one of the main reasons I’d like to try Tru.

  3. i couldnt agree more that photos that capture vibe, energy, spirit(hat tip, a nice way to put it) are really ones that u enjoy. dining venues can have great atmosphere so it seems to work well to snap photos in those places. hmmm, i’ve heard of these ‘lettuce entertain u’ restaurants. u should bring me here next time, i want to check out some bars around here including one at the trump tower.

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