ragin’ cajun

YIP 365. 266: going cajun


cheddar corn cakes

I have a backlog of things I want to share here but it’s been an unexpectedly hectic week so I haven’t had a chance to collect my thoughts. I still need to edit my food photos from my dinner last weekend at Tru but I’m going to skip ahead a bit to my Sunday brunch at Big Jones.

I’d heard a lot of good things about this place and since I am huge fan of Southern food, I had to check it out. As with most good brunch places in Chicago, it was quite crowded. (I’ve found that people in Chicago take their Sunday brunch very seriously.) I’m glad I called ahead and got a reservation but I think this place is worth the wait even without one. I loved everything about this place–the food, the atmosphere, the drinks (mark of a great brunch place: great coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice).

I got the two egg breakfast–two eggs over easy with potatoes O’Brien, Anson Mills organic hominy cheese grits, crawfish boudin fritters, and the best toast ever. My friend got the low country style corn cakes with cheddar cheese, vegetarian red beans, two eggs, and green tomato chile sauce. We split a plate of the cheddar herb croquettes with fried sage leaves and green goddess dressing. (Not pictured here because they were immediately devoured upon arrival.) We also enjoyed a complimentary plate of beignets to start, perfect in their pillowy, powdered sugar goodness. (Really, I can get behind any place that offers a plate of beignets gratis.) Despite the ratio fried to non-fried foods, I did not feel gross afterward. Yes, the portions were generous (as they should be, this being a place that bills itself on Southern cuisine) and the food, rich, but nothing was greasy or oily. Good deep frying is an art and one that this place seems to have down pat.

I will definitely be going back and this will join the list of places I take guests when they’re in town. (Katie, I’m thinking of you.)

Big Jones: 5347 North Clark Street
Big Jones on Urbanspoon


4 responses to “ragin’ cajun

  1. Oh yum!!!! I love living vicariously through you. If I ever come to Chicago, you are my food guide.

  2. COOL!!! so which weekends are good for you??? you know B and i are game!! 😀

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