Trying to get caught up both here and elsewhere this weekend so without further adieu, here’s some info and photos from my meal last weekend at Tru. I think a tasting menu is often a good way to go with a restaurant, because it gives you a sense of what the kitchen favors and what they think their strong suits are. I was happy when my friend said he was pretty much game for anything and so we decided to go all out and get the Chef’s Collection menu, which is the larger of the two tasting menus.

amuse bouche
amuse bouche: beef consommé, wagyu beef ravioli, espelette pepper, parsley

Our meal started with a savory amuse bouche. Think chicken noodle soup on steroids. Because I was shooting with my 50 mm lens, this was a hard dish to photograph. The wagyu beef ravioli was tiny though, about the size of my thumbnail.

course #1

course #1
Course #1: white sturgeon “caviar”, avocado, hazelnut

The first course was an interesting play on textures. Caviar is in quotes because it was some sort of gel/bubble/something (the description from the meal escapes me right now) made to simulate the taste and texture of caviar. As with a typical caviar course, we got to enjoy it with a little mother of pearl spoon and it was cleverly served out of a little metal tin. My only gripe is that I could’ve used a few more of those toast points.

course #2
Course #2: red ace, candystripe + golden beet collage, horseradish

In my opinion, this was the prettiest dish of the night. Almost too pretty to eat. I’m actually not crazy about beets but this was pretty good and a nice palate cleanser after two savory dishes.

course #3

course #3
Course #3: celeriac velouté + olive oil + black truffle + celeriac profiterole

This course reminded me of a really amazing baked potato soup. The little shavings of black truffle on top put this dish over the top. The thing I liked about both soups at Tru was that they were served nice and hot. Given the snowy, chilly weather we had last weekend, it was the perfect warm up.

course #4
Course #4: maine lobster, romanesco, curry, piment, espelette tempura

This was the most disappointing course of the night. The lobster was overcooked, tasteless, and a bit rubbery. The sauce didn’t add much to the dish and the tempura was a touch too salty. Goes to show that even a really high quality/expensive ingredient goes down the tubes if it isn’t prepared well. I did think the pairing with green cauliflower was tasty though and we were amused when our server reminded us that the shells, beads, and netting on the side were just for garnish. (Apparently, past patrons have tried to eat them.)

course #5
Course #5: la ratte potato gnocchi + white veal glaze + fragile lace tuile

This was another fun dish texturally. The potato gnocchi were light as air and the fragile lace tuile was a delicious crunchy contrast.

course #6
Course #6: miso-marinated sablefish, kale, radish, banyuls brown butter sauce

This was my favorite dish of the night. I confess that I’m generally partial to any miso marinated fish but this one was particularly good.

course #7
Course #7: prime beef ribeye + grilled foie gras + hedgehog mushrooms

This course combined three of my favorite things. The meat and foie gras were perfectly cooked but the sauce I recall being a bit too salty. Still, you can’t argue with beef, foie gras, and mushrooms. I think this was my friend’s favorite dish of the night.

course #8
Course #8: a selection of cow + goat +sheep’s milk cheeses

By the time the cheese cart rolled our way, I was starting to get pretty full but I powered through and tried a few cheeses with a lovely pear chutney and bread–a camembert, a manchego, and some sheep’s milk cheese that had been rolled in vegetable ash? The selection was quite impressive. I’m only disappointed I couldn’t try more of them.

course #9
Course #9: tahitian vanilla cremeux, hazelnuts, manjari chocolate ice cream

This being a Gale Gand establishment, I had high hopes for dessert. I was a bit disappointed by this. Not bad but not outstanding either and it absolutely pales in comparison to a dessert I had last night at Perennial (more on that extraordinary meal later).


Finale: mignardises +lollipops

The mignardises were a fun finale to the meal and included things like tiny earl grey macarons (my favorite), raspberry jellies, blueberry marshmallows, lollipops, and madeleines.

Overall, the meal was good, with a few minor missteps. I’m not sure I could ever afford to go back, it being a very $$$ restaurant, but I really enjoyed this chance to check it out. I’m really glad my friend suggested it. Thanks Dave!

Tru: 676 N. St. Clair St.


5 responses to “Tru

  1. i commented on Flickr before reading the blog post and find it funny that the dish I thought most appealed to me turned out to be your favorite dish of the night. Again, it’s really a shame we don’t live closer.

    Course 3 reminds me vaguely of the “hot potato, cold potato” course at Alinea in concept.

    Re: the cheese course, I always find that restaurants serve me far less cheese than I want for the price they charge. for a tasting menu i can see why the portions might be smaller but generally i am always disappointed in the portion size. i’m also kind of sad to hear that dessert was a disappointment because that was in large part why I was interested in going in the first place.

    • 1. Yes, a shame you don’t live closer but this is probably better for my waistline. 🙂

      2. And yes! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it but taste wise course #3 was definitely like hot potato, cold potato!

      3. They gave us little slivers of whatever cheese we wanted to try from the cart. Unfortunately by that point in the evening I was so full of food and wine I could only try three of them. But yes, given the $$$, the portions are frightfully small.

  2. The food looks amazing. However, I’d go to Tru for the little teacups alone. Adorable!

  3. earl grey macarons?!?! oh MY!

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