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Lest you think all I did in the month of March was work and eat (ok, that probably covers about 95% of the month), I present small evidence of crafting. I made these potholders for Potholder Swap 2010. Being a crochet novice, I picked a relatively uncomplicated pattern and made a few practice potholders. These were fun to make (especially choosing the colors) although I just barely made the deadline.

Pattern: Priscilla Hewitt’s Scalloped Potholder (Ravelry Project link here)
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
Hook: E
Mod: Since I went with a smaller hook size, I added a round of triple crochet scallops to make the finished potholder a practical size. (The pattern as is would’ve barely made the required size but they just felt so small to me.)

And, a little quilting. This is a block for Gretchen, using an Ohio Star pattern. I like the black fabric as background–really great contrast.

I’m still reeling that it’s April. Already! Work is going to be really busy this month so I don’t expect much time for crafting but I’m hoping to get all caught up on quilt blocks this weekend. Also, I’ve been invited to an Easter dinner so I’m hoping to try out a new cake recipe. I’ll be back soon with more thoughts on buttermilk.


3 responses to “intermission

  1. Lovely! I love to see people taking up crochet. And you did this as a novice? It’s looks very good!!

  2. Very, very pretty!
    I need to learn how to crochet.

  3. Excellent potholders. I love how colorful they are. I can’t wait until they sort through them and send them back to us.

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