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YIP 365.284: potholders!


I totally over-committed this month. Too many work deadlines. Too many social commitments. Too many late nights doing I don’t even know what anymore? But at least some of my efforts have paid off quite handsomely, resulting in some very good mail.

It was down to the wire for me to make the Potholder Swap deadline but I’m so glad I did! My potholders have found several good homes and I’ve gotten a few sweet messages from the recipients. The thank yous are totally unnecessary but very flattering and reassuring to a novice crocheter like me. I’m equally pleased with my own haul of potholders. I got a really fun assortment and I can’t wait to put them to good use.

good mail day!

I also joined the Good Mail Day swap group on flickr and got the loveliest package from Andrea. She sent me a generous amount of gorgeous yarns, coffee, and chocolate. You can see the package I put together for the swap here.

I’m still getting caught up on quilt bee blocks so I don’t think I’ll be joining anymore swaps, bees, etc. for a while. Joining these groups has been a lot of fun and I’ve met some really nice people along the way, but I’m itching to do some selfish crafting for myself soon. Hopefully.

Random pleasant thought for the day: “When our hearts are full, we need much less.”

Happy Monday!


2 responses to “by post

  1. Awesome Mail!! The Good Mail Day package looks awesome!

    I am glad you participated in the potholder swap. It’s so much fun.

  2. I looked at your potholders on Rav and they are gorgeous!!
    I like your pleasant thought for the day!

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