an american tale

YIP 365.302: full circle

Yesterday, I got a very sweet, lovely letter from my mom and dad. They included this little photo which was taken circa 1983 when my family emigrated to the United States from Germany. Our family entered the US via Chicago (we first settled in Southern Illinois) and my parents think it’s so lovely that almost 25 years later, I moved back to the very place we started from. This was a wonderful little reminder of life coming full circle.


4 responses to “an american tale

  1. You are so adorable! And you still look like the photo, just grown up version. I am impressed that you can read Korean. I wish I was taught to read and write Chinese. Luckily, my Cantonese speaking skills are passable in China Town.

  2. Such a cute photo! I think it’s touching that your parents wrote you such a lovely letter. I am also impressed that you can read Korean. My Chinese skills are like Oiyi’s.

  3. Korean is much easier to read than Chinese (it’s phonetic) and I’m still not that great at it. My mom writes me letters in Korean though to help me keep it up. Now that I live away from my family, I find that without practice, it’s hard to keep my Korean going.

  4. awwwwww!! what a little doll you were!! so cute! love it. 🙂

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