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YIP 365.342: oh, flickr

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YIP 365.343: funhouse

Chicago and I had a rough start but these days I find myself falling hard for the city. Perhaps it’s just summer? Chicago is at its best then. The harshness of winter is forgotten and forgiven. I become less of a hermit. Even I, reluctant to go out during the work week, find myself meeting up with people after work for a cocktail or a leisurely dinner. The weekends are packed to the brim with activities, meals, and friends. This weekend, I had a number of friends in town and it was so fun sharing this city–a city that increasingly is starting to feel like “my” city–with them. When I get to share all that I like about this place with friends, I find myself falling in love with the city all over again. I’ll be back soon to share some photos, good meals, and even a little knitting to share with you. Hope you had a great weekend too!


2 responses to “food + friends

  1. I am glad to hear that you are falling in love with Chicago.

  2. I love summer Chicago, too! There’s just a ton of great stuff to do.

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