See? I promised a little knitting, didn’t I? Sorry for these crummy pictures but in my haste to make deadline I forgot to take any pictures before giving away the shawl I knit for Anne. The last two months have been crazy busy so I sort of panicked and freaked out when I realized that a swap deadline was fast approaching. I made this shawl using the Brandywine pattern and 3/4 of a skein of Malabrigo sock in solis. By necessity it was a quick knit (less than two weeks start to finish, which for me is fast) and though I don’t normally enjoy knitting lace, I really liked knitting this shawl–so much so that I’m thinking of making one for myself. (The pattern is super clear and very well written.) I think she liked to it too so a good result all around.

2 responses to “solis

  1. Beautifully knit! And great yarn choice.

  2. I loved it! However, could I look more disheveled? Not one of my better days.

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