as you go

YIP 365.349: far far away

YIP 365.350: oops i did it again

I find that my crafting output drops dramatically during the summers. I’m too busy going out, hanging out with friends, and soaking up as much summer as I can before another Chicago winter. I already have enough fabric to last a lifetime and yet, I have so much trouble not buying more. These are the latest acquisitions from this weekend.

YIP 365.351: elephants on parade

the owl and the pussycat

Feeling guilty about my purchases and how little I’ve been sewing lately, I dusted off the sewing machine and did the first bit of sewing in weeks. I followed this quilt-as-you-go tutorial. I first saw this technique in a Japanese craft book and immediately fell in love with it. It will probably take me a zillion years to make a quilt’s worth of these squares but I really want to give it a go. Expect to see a few more of these blocks soon.


5 responses to “as you go

  1. Wow, those fabrics in the top picture are super gorgeous! I love the quilt as you go technique since I don’t have room in my teeny apartment to make big quilts! I’ve been meaning to make a log cabin quilt and this tutorial is gonna be perfect! But I also promised myself not to start anything new until I finish my quilts in progress. Happy Summer!!

  2. adorable! i think my crafting output goes up in the summer; when it’s 98 degrees out with 60% humidity, unless my dog has a full bladder i am staying as close as possible to the A/C.

  3. I love your recent acquisitions! Great quilt squares.

  4. Love your fabric selections! And the squares are gorgeous.

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