more of the same

YIP 365.352: hold your horses

who me?

you are my sun, moon, and stars

swimming with the fishes

I’ve hit a nice groove with these quilt as you go blocks. I joined the 60 blocks of summer group on flickr to keep myself motivated. With 6 blocks now under my belt, I’m already 10% of the way there!


6 responses to “more of the same

  1. Your blocks are fabulous! Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow, each one is a little work of art. I love these blocks! I checked out the link from your previous post the other day. Can you tell the idea behind this method? Why quilt the individual blocks?

    • That’s what I really like about this project. It allows me to use up a lot of the novelty prints I’ve been stashing. I feel like I get to tell a little story with each block. It’s a lot of fun. I also feel like this gives me a lot more leeway to experiment with color. Since there’s going to be so much color and pattern in the final quilt, I try not to over think each block. It’s liberating.

      As to why to quilt this way? I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but it allows you to quilt a lot of lines in several different directions. This would be hard to do with a true quilt sandwich because you’d constantly be starting and stopping each line and having to back-stitch to anchor. Also, the more stitching you add to a quilt, the denser it becomes. Here the finished blocks get sewn together and then a backing goes on and the quilt is tied. I think the finished quilt has better drape. I intend to make this a winter quilt. I’m going to add another layer of batting with the backing so that the quilt will be thicker and warmer.

      Does that make sense?

  3. Thanks for the explanation. It’s really intriguing. I may join along when I get my act together to sew some stuff. Right now, I am obsessed with weaving.

  4. love love love these!

  5. these are beautiful…gorgeous collection of fabrics in there…I’m having a bit of a thing for log cabins at the mo too…love how all the fabrics come together in one piece.

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