behind the scenes

under the sea

I went into the weekend with grand plans and ambitions and came out having accomplished very little. I seem to have lost my craft mojo. I couldn’t bear to finish the shirt dress I started last weekend. I was just too tired. Instead, I made another quilt as you go block and chopped up a whole lot of batting (42 squares worth!) for many more blocks. I think the finished quilt will have somewhere between 50-60 blocks. My heart skips a beat every time I look at those blank squares of batting. The possibilities seem endless.

Other than that, I drank a lot of cold brew coffee, chatted on the phone with old and new friends, got sucked into the first season of Mad Men, went on a long run, and did some very basic cooking (shrimp salad sandwiches) and baking (strawberry banana muffins). Simple, boring stuff really but the kind of stuff that gets me ready to face another grueling work week. I hope I get my mojo (crafting and otherwise) back soon.


2 responses to “lazy

  1. i was thinking of doing the quilt along thingy, (seemed like a much better approach to making a quilt if you don’t live in a huge house or super fancy quilting machine?) but my wallet needs some recovery time from the sale at jo anne. 🙂

  2. Stuff that gets you ready to face another work week is good. And rest, rest, rest.

    Hope you get your mojo back soon.

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