YIP 365.365: the end

Last week I finished my year in pictures project on flickr. It took a lot longer than a year but I was just proud and happy to have finished, to have taken a lot of pictures (some great, others not so much), to have cataloged a year of my life, and to think differently about how I view the world around me. I can be extraordinarily hard on myself, especially when life isn’t going my way. I worry that I’m not doing enough, not pushing myself hard enough, but looking back at 365 snippets of my life, I think maybe that’s not the case? To see the year unfurl before me in one nice little set. It’s quite satisfying. The past year has been a full one. I can only hope to have the energy to tackle the coming year with equal vigor.

Speaking of flickr, I’m excited to be meeting another flickr friend this weekend. It’s been a long, exhausting week so I’m looking forward to relaxing for a few days before I have to head back to Iowa again next week for work. Happy Friday friends!


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