the purple pig

the purple pig

THE purple pig
Hard to believe that Anne visited Chicago over a month ago! I still haven’t caught up on the huge backlog of photos that I took during her visit. (Only appropriate that I took so many photos with a flickr friend in town.) After a day of putzing around the Loop and hanging around the Art Institute, Anne and I had a fantastic dinner at the Purple Pig. We chatted leisurely over wine and a bunch of really wonderful small plates.

cheese plate
We started off with a great cheese plate–Cabot clothbound cheddar, Robiola, and Blu di Bufala enjoyed with lots of crusty bread and a lovely homemade fig preserve.

prosciutto bread balls
Then we moved on to a yummy bowl of prosciutto bread balls. (They were vry similar to croquetas, i.e. delicious!)

asparagus & hazelnuts with mixed greens
We took a break from the richness with an asparagus, hazelnut, and mixed green salad. The dressing had a nice vinegary bite and the hazelnuts added a lovely crunch.

milk braised pork
We ended the night with the real star of the meal: milk braised pork. The meat was served in this adorable cast iron casserole dish and was fall apart tender. The mashed potatoes and gravy were great comfort food accompaniments.


It was fun to see the piggy theme carried out throughout the decor of the restaurant. It being a Saturday night, the restaurant was quite crowded but we lucked out and got seated rather quickly. The tables are placed very close together and some of the larger tables are communal dining. It can get really loud when the place fills up. Still, the food was solid and the wine list impressive (but reasonably priced). My only regret was that I wasn’t too hungry when I went so I didn’t eat as much as I would’ve liked. I can’t wait to go back with a good friend and an empty stomach to try more of the menu.
The Purple Pig: 500 N. Michigan Ave.


4 responses to “the purple pig

  1. oh WOW that sounds like an incredible meal!

  2. That sounds and looks spectacular!

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