throwing on the brakes

for jess
Sometimes you have to know when to throw on the brakes. And sometimes, when you don’t know when to say when, your body throws them on for you. This weekend, my body said STOP. I was sidelined with a brutal head cold. Summer colds always hit me much harder than the winter variety. Mostly, I slept a lot, canceled some planned activities, and hoped to regain the ability to breath through my nostrils again. In my more lucid moments, I worked on and completed this little snarky sampler (inspired by this hilarious article), a long overdue birthday present to my dear friend Jess. It was nice to pick up something small, something that required only my hands and whatever I could hold in them. I think this is why I struggle with sewing–because it feels like such a big undertaking, pulling out a machine, clearing off space to cut fabric, burrowing through a large stash of things. It feels like such an ordeal sometimes. Finding cross-stitch so pleasant, I dug up some old knitting again just to keep my hands busy while the rest of me languished on the couch.

I’m still on the mend, struggling through my Monday in a sudafed/nyquil stupor. Hoping y’all had a better weekend than I did.


3 responses to “throwing on the brakes

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. get some sleep. and hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Heheheh, funny cross stitch! Get well soon.

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