hard times

amber waves
The weekend was unfortunately mostly a wash. I spent much of it at the office or thinking about work, although I did get take one small break Saturday to see Billy Elliot with a friend. I’m headed off to Iowa again for work and am filled with absolute dread. I’m there the entire week and will be taking five depositions, the most I’ve ever taken in a single trip. Not sure whether to laugh, cry, or scream? I’m sure that one way or another I will make it to the other side in one piece. It just doesn’t seem like that right now.


2 responses to “hard times

  1. Please stay sane while you are there. Bring some knitting!

  2. LOL! hey there! I’m in Iowa too and it’s…yeah…my husband and I’ve been here for 2 years and we have 10 more months to go….the urge to get out of here is pretty damn bad. Where in Iowa are you at?

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