run run run run

* * * *

Hi all! Just a quick check-in before I go into hiding for several days. September seems to get nuttier and busier and more stressful with each passing day. Right now, I am having the hardest time looking on the bright side of things but I keep telling myself that I will get through the coming weeks somehow, someway. Still, my brother is in town a few days for work and a dear old friend who I haven’t seen since college is coming to town tomorrow. My friend and I will be headed to Alinea (first time for her, second time for me) for dinner. I will be working most of the weekend but taking small breaks to see them both. This, I tell myself, is such a gift.

Sunday I am off to DC. Monday & Tuesday are going to be particularly scary and rough for me so if you could please send good thoughts your way, I’d appreciate it. I get a few easy days after my return from DC so hopefully that means I’ll be back here too with news of baking, cooking, and sewing. Happy Friday friends!


2 responses to “run run run run

  1. Have a good trip! I know you will do great.

  2. It’s a given that I’m thinking good thoughts for you. And not just because I hope to get a complimentary meal at your future restaurant :o)

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