last supper

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port of call
My trip to SF was a blast in large part because of my excellent hostess–Rangsiwan. Normally, I would stay with my best friend or my brother when in SF but this time the best friend was in Hawaii on business (yeah, I know, rough life) and my brother recently moved to Vegas. Work was obviously only going to cover the work related portions of my stay (i.e. Sunday-Wednesday accommodations). I was starting to feel a bit panicked, already having planned to arrive a few days earlier assuming I had a place to crash. Rangsiwan stepped up and took me in, sight unseen. (We had chatted, exchanged emails, and followed each other on flickr but hadn’t “met” in person before.) She picked me up from the airport, showed me all the great sights of San Francisco, and enabled me to buy far more fabric than I will ever need. No seriously, I bought a lot of fabric.

And I guess that is the magic of the internet–that it could introduce you to wonderful people you’d never otherwise meet in far flung places. From the start, Rangsiwan and I carried on like old friends, chatting about life, love, careers, and what to do with our impossibly large stashes of yarn and fabric. I was glad to be able to meet up with Rangsiwan and her husband on my last night in SF. When asked where I wanted to eat, I said seafood, somewhere away from downtown. We headed to Pesce, a cute place in the Russian Hill neighborhood. We ordered three kinds of oysters and I enjoyed a decadent (albeit, slightly overcooked) lobster spaghetti. The bread pudding was entirely unnecessary but delicious. The company, of course, was fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for a better last supper in San Francisco.

So that’s it. It only took a few weeks, but I’m think I’m done waxing poetic about San Francisco. A hearty thank you to Rangsiwan for making me love SF even more than I thought I could. This blog will resume it’s Chicago programming soon. I still have a lot of great September meals in Chicago to tell you about so stay tuned….


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  1. I always love seeing what you eat. It looks amazing.

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