11.1: sigh no more

Mumford & Sons

Insanely busy weekend, packed to the rafters with things to do, places to be, people to see, etc. I hardly spent any time at all at home, although just enough to rearrange half the furniture in my apartment. (Pics to follow.) Sunday night I met up with one of my favorite ladies at the Mumford & Sons show at the Riviera Theatre. The show was sold out (even after they moved it to the Riviera, it was originally supposed to be at the Vic) so it was quite crowded. I could see next to nothing from where I was standing. The blurry photos were the best I could do even with my hand straight up. (There were a lot of TALL people at the concert.) Still, very good times. These guys put on a great live show.

I can’t believe that it’s November already! 2010 is FLYING by. I’m going to try something I did last year and the year before, which is to post something everyday this month. So check back and say hello. Hope you had a nice weekend!


2 responses to “11.1: sigh no more

  1. It was so much fun seeing you! Too bad it was so freaking packed!

  2. OMG, you’re doing nablopomo again! I remember doing that with you 2 years ago, when I just got pregnant… what a different world that was 😉 I actually thought about doing it again this year, but gave up when the first post didn’t materialize on Nov 1. Boo…. but I’ll be cheering for ya!

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