11.9: slouch

i am no slouch
nice and fluffy
I finished knitting this hat a few weeks ago, posted it on flickr and only just now realized I forgot to mention it here. It’s a big slouchy hat that I made from a pattern in a Japanese knitting book (Sweet Hand Knitted, ISBN 9784529047753) I got last Christmas. Once I deciphered the pattern, the knitting was fast and easy. I found this PDF super helpful in understanding the pattern. I used a little less than one skein of Stonehedge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool–quite possibly the softest yarn ever–leftover from a sweater I knit my dad last Christmas. The yarn is pretty soft and springy so I didn’t quite get the stitch definition I wanted, but this hat is so soft and warm I don’t really mind. I see this getting a lot of wear this winter.


3 responses to “11.9: slouch

  1. I keep meaning to learn how to read Japanese knitting patterns. Neat that there’s so much of that book available through google! Also interesting that in the bit I scrolled through it looks like a lot of the stuff in there is actually crocheted.

    • Yeah, I forgot to mention that part. The book is like 95% crochet patterns and 5% knitting. The friend who got me the book is a non-knitter/crocheter so I think he was just going off the title when he bought it for me. I wish I didn’t suck at crochet or I’d try to tackle those patterns too! Some are pretty cute.

  2. Love the hat. I really like slouchy hats.

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