11.20: nickel diner

out front
waiting in line
dollars and cents
I’m not normally a huge fan of donuts but the donuts at the Nickel Diner in LA may have won me over. The donuts there are delicious, divine, and unique. When Jess told me that they had a maple bacon donut, I put this place as a “must-go” on my list.

glorious trio
donut excitement!
da bombclean plates
We couldn’t settle on just one so we ordered three–maple bacon (of course), nutella, red velvet–and shared. Strangely, the maple bacon was my least favorite. That’s not to say it was bad, but more a matter of comparison. The red velvet was amazing, sublime (exterior coated in red velvet cake, interior oozing with a cream cheese icing filling). The nutella was also another stunner, crunchy, redolent of toasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate. The maple bacon was also fabulous but it didn’t quite blow me out of the water like the other donuts. We were so excited about the donuts we got a *fourth* donut, irish car bomb (exterior coated in guinness crumbles and interior filled with bailey’s irish cream filling), to go.  That was a great idea that we did not regret one bit.

that one
huevos rancheros
puppy piles
The rest of the meal was somewhat of an afterthought, again not because it was bad, but because a trio of the world’s greatest donuts is really an impossible act to follow. Jess got two eggs baked on polenta with spinach and garlic topped with parmesan (not pictured). I got the huevos rancheros and Derrick got the (unfortunately named) puppy piles (3 buttermilk pancakes, 1 chicken-apple sausage, topped with a fried egg). Clean plates all around. The only disappointment was that I didn’t have a second stomach so I could eat more donuts.

Nickel Diner: 524 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA


3 responses to “11.20: nickel diner

  1. Puppy Piles!! LOL! The donuts do look divine. I just love reading and seeing (pictures) of your eating adventures. Please don’t ever stop blogging about them.

    • Glad someone enjoys all my food/restaurant posts. 🙂 I really enjoy remembering great meals. A lot of my friends think it’s an odd habit. (I do spend a lot of time thinking about food.)

      • I am living vicariously through all your food/restaurant posts. Ever since the kid arrived, dining out has been non-existent. Though now that she is older, we have tried a few restaurants with her. Timing is everything and it can’t be super fancy.

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