11.24: getting caught up

block #1
block #2
block #3
block #1
block #2
Been busy getting caught up on a backlog of quilt bee blocks. The first sewing I’ve done in well over a month. Realizing again why I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Sewing for me is interesting and fun and challenging but it is definitely NOT relaxing. Lately I’ve been wondering how much more I want to keep up with quilting and sewing as a hobby? Right now I’m just looking at my (atrocious) stash and feeling massively stressed out and overwhelmed. Perhaps I will feel differently about it if/when the rest of my life less overwhelming and stressful?


3 responses to “11.24: getting caught up

  1. Great blocks!

    In 2005 I feverishly sewed for a year and then didn’t sew at all for almost two years for exactly the reasons you describe. Precision sewing is no way to relax. It actually was an improv/liberated project that brought me back to sewing. Yes, it requires good construction skills, but you don’t have to match corners unless you want to. The break was good, but the improv let me feel the joy again.

  2. awesomeness…pure awesomeness!!

  3. I agree with Katie. Awesome blocks!

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